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Welcome to Shutterstock Academy—Admission Is Free

Welcome to Shutterstock Academy—Admission Is Free

Enhance your photography, design, marketing, video skills, and more with these curated educational resources.

Anyone who remembers their teen years will agree—school isn’t easy. But, take away the 6 a.m. wakeup calls, endless homework, and crippling insecurities, and what’s left of the experience? The chance to learn something new every day. Sounds like a dream. What creative person wouldn’t jump at the opportunity? 

That belief—that we’re all just itching to go back to school, only this time for fun—is what inspired us to launch Shutterstock Academy, an educational resource for the curious among us. 

Breaking Down Shutterstock Academy 

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The Shutterstock blog publishes an average of ten stories a week (plus three newsletters, but who’s counting?), and a good chunk of those stories are instructional: how-tos for photographers, tips for designers, tutorials for filmmakers. 

Shutterstock Academy is our curation of these must-read pieces across ten categories:

ColorDesignPhotographyDesign SoftwareDesign Resources FilmmakingVideo & Post ProductionFreebiesAudio & Sound Marketing

Maybe you’re a budding photographer who wants to learn everything there is to know about lighting photos. We’ve got you covered.

Perhaps you’re a narrative filmmaker thinking about making the switch to documentary. We offer a guide for that.

Or, maybe you’re a marketer who wants to master color theory just because the subject matter is so rich and, well, colorful. In which case, go for it. 

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Shutterstock Academy is an information-packed destination for anyone looking to expand their expertise or establish it in the first place.

It’s a no brainer. We’ve divided each Academy category into easy-to-navigate subcategories (under Filmmaking, for instance, you’ll find subcategories like “Film Editing” and “Film Gear”). So, if you’re not quite sure what you’re looking to learn—but know you want to sink your teeth into something—you can peruse the pages (fuss free) until inspiration strikes. 

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Perhaps you’ll be moved to build a 3D world or try your hand at After Effects. Maybe you’ll discover a passion for food photography or feel motivated to rethink your Instagram strategy. 

Because we’re a team of A-students, we’ll regularly update the Academy pages with fresh content—offering an ever-expanding syllabus backed by professional designers, expert filmmakers, and seasoned Shutterstock photographers.

Want a lesson in how to take stunning interior photos? Right this way.

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The only thing you have to do is keep showing up to class. But, hey, feel free to sleep in first. You make the rules now.

Shutterstock Academy offers an array of informative—and fun(!)—articles. Take a look for yourself:

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