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How to Make Halloween Facebook Cover Photos

Make Halloween Facebook Cover Photos

Learn how to make Halloween Facebook cover photos that captivate your audience, just in time for fright night!

‘Tis that time of year, where everyday Facebook cover photos are traded out for hair-raising, scream-inducing Halloween Facebook cover photos. Be it a personal brand or business, there’s still plenty of time to completely spookify your social media.

Read on, if you dare, for all the details you need to make haunting, ghoulish, spine-tingling, or [insert your favorite Halloween adjective here] Facebook cover photos!

What Is a Facebook Cover Photo?

Spooky Moon
Use this image in your Halloween cover photo designs. Image via Romolo Tavani.

A Facebook cover photo is the large, rectangular image that hangs at the top of your Facebook page.

Consider it a goldmine of opportunity—tout your brand, announce a sale, show your support for something (or someone) or, in the case of Halloween, celebrate the season!

Per Facebook, your page’s cover photo displays at 820 x 312 pixels on computers and 640 x 360 pixels on smartphones.

If the mere thought of having to deal in pixels is filling you with dread, fear not! We suggest using an online photo editing and design tool, like PicMonkey, to make terrifyingly cool Halloween Facebook cover photos.

How to Make Halloween Facebook Cover Photos in PicMonkey

Step 1: Open a Blank Canvas

PicMonkey blank canvas screen, with Facebook Page Cover canvas selected in order to make Halloween Facebook cover photos.
Start a Facebook cover photo project from scratch in PicMonkey.

PicMonkey’s blank canvases come pre-sized and are intentionally larger than Facebook’s minimum recommendation so that your design never loses its goods, no matter how it’s being viewed.

To open a blank canvas in PicMonkey, just click Create new > Blank Canvas. Select Facebook Page Cover.

Step 2: Add a Spooky Halloween Image

PicMonkey Editor, showing how to choose a Halloween image from the Photos & Video tab.
Browse Shutterstock’s collection in PicMonkey. Image via Deliris.

All Halloween Facebook cover photos need a Hallo-approved image. Good news: You’ll find Shutterstock’s images available in PicMonkey while you’re designing!

To add an image to your canvas:

Click the Photos & Video tab on the left.Use the search bar to find a Halloween-themed photo (use search words like “Halloween,” “scary,” or “spooky”).Drag-and-drop the image onto your canvas so that it becomes the background.

Have a photo of your own? Maybe a Halloween image that you downloaded from Shutterstock? Click Add photo or video to upload it into PicMonkey.

Note: If you start your project by uploading a photo, it’ll automatically act as your canvas background. To separate it, just click the padlock icon in the Layers panel.

Step 3: Customize the Look

PicMonkey Editor, showing how to add text to your image via the Text tab.
Click the Text tab on the left to add your image.

Once you’ve added an image, you have just over a bazillion (give or take) options for customizing the look. Add creepy, Halloween-centric text, graphics, photo effects, and more.

In fact, for quick access to all things Halloween, click Themes on the top toolbar. PicMonkey has five different Halloween theme sets that range from mega haunting (see: Zombie, Vampire, Witch, and Day of the Dead) to family-friendly (Trick or Treat).

These sets come loaded with spooky fonts, graphics, and effects for taking your designs to the next level of horrifying.

Step 4: Download and Share

PicMonkey Editor with download menu open in order to download Halloween Facebook cover photo design.
Learn more about downloading designs from PicMonkey.

Choose your file type (JPG or PNG for images, MP4 or GIF for videos), then click the blue Download button and save your image to your desktop so you can share it with the Facebook world!

Make a Halloween Facebook Cover Photo with a Design Template

Before and After of PicMonkey Facebook cover photo for lifestyle blog, transformed into a Halloween Facebook cover photo for cupcake company.
Start with any Facebook cover photo template in PicMonkey.

If starting from scratch isn’t Priority No. 1, or you’re on the hunt for even faster design time, consider using one of PicMonkey’s Facebook cover photo templates. You can customize them however you want. And, it’s easy to turn a template that you like the look or layout of into a Halloween masterpiece.

Not to mention, you can also start with a Halloween template and crop or resize it to work as a Facebook cover photo. Easy with a capital “E”!

Uploading Your Cover Photo to Facebook

Speaking of easy, Facebook makes things super simple when you’re looking to swap out your Facebook cover photo. To do so:

Open your Facebook page.Click Edit Cover PhotoClick Upload Photo to select your new Halloween design from your computer.Reposition as you wish, then click Save Changes

Design Tips for Scare-tastic Halloween Facebook Cover Photos

Before channeling your Halloween spirit, here are a few tips for creating Halloween Facebook cover photos that leave an impression, along with plenty of pics that you can use!

1. Choose an Eye-Catching Image

Halloween Composition

Halloween Composition

Halloween Composition
Flay lay photography is a popular choice for Facebook covers. Images via Vladimir Sukhachev, Ruth Black, and carroti.

Remember, a Facebook cover photo hangs at the tippity-top of your page and it’s B-I-G. No matter the purpose of your design—celebrating the holiday season, showing off products, flaunting that fresh business logo—you want eye-catching imagery.

In the spirit of Halloween, look at what you’ve featured before as a Facebook cover photo. Could you repurpose an image (or images) to feel like they’ve been hit with a bit of Halloween style?

2. Test out Different Looks

Halloween Pumpkins

Halloween Pumpkins

Halloween Pumpkins
What look gives your page the most engagement? Images via Alexander Raths, archana bhartia, and nuclear_lily.

Social media is a game of engagement metrics. Try out different images—especially if you’re advertising a new Halloween sale—and see what connects most with people. Avoid simple Facebook cover photo no-nos, and be ready to adjust your design(s), as needed.

3. Stay in the Safe Space

Scary Forest

Scary Forest

Scary Forest
Things that aren’t safe: Any of these forests, and the outer edge of your Facebook cover photo design. Images via Mimadeo, andreiuc88, and Mimadeo.

Here’s a friendly reminder to not let sizing requirements destroy you. As we mentioned earlier, your cover photo looks different on a computer than it does a smartphone. Using a pre-sized template or blank canvas will help keep your design intact.

However, you also want to be mindful of your design’s “safe zone.” That is, the middle-ish area of your canvas that is sure to withstand any shrinkage across devices. In other words—don’t put your most important visual or text on the edge of your design.

4. Keep Your Design On-Brand

Halloween Backdrop

Halloween Banner

Halloween Skeleton

Evil Clown

Halloween Scary Doll
What kind of Halloween vibe will connect with your audience? Fun boos, terrifying scares, or . . . this doll? Images via Romolo Tavani, Fotomay, Romolo Tavani, nito, and elena_prosvirova.

While Halloween and other holidays represent a fun time to try out new looks and show your customers that you, too, appreciate the changing seasons, they’re not a time to veer completely off-brand.

For example, if your brand’s visual identity has always revolved around cute DIY imagery, then maybe a Halloween Facebook cover photo that features a blood-sucking vampire might not be the right path to venture down.

Be sure to have some freaky design fun with your Halloween projects this year. Just make sure you don’t scare your audience so much that they don’t come back!

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Cover image via art_o f_sun.

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