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10 FREE Holiday Color Palettes with a Neon Twist

Bored of traditional red and green? Give your marketing campaigns a contemporary, but no less festive, twist with these acid bright palettes. 

Taking inspiration from the glow of Christmas lights, iridescent wrapping paper, and on-trend colors from the winter runways, these ten neon palettes will help you to create attention-grabbing social media posts, web banners, posters, and invitations this holiday season. 

Scroll down to discover ten FREE neon holiday palettes that bring an extra dimension to seasonal designs. Pin your favorite palettes to a mood board, or save to your computer and refer to it later. 

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Neon Holiday
Images via ABEMOS, Maples Images, and Anna Vershynina.

How to Use Your Neon Holiday Palettes

Neon hues might not be the obvious choice for holiday designs but, despite not being strictly traditional, they instantly evoke the celebratory mood of the season. They are, after all, unabashedly fun and festive.

These ten neon palettes are sourced from trending colors across fashion, product design, and branding, as well as more seasonal sources, such as kitsch holiday décor, or the glitter and glamor of evening events.

10 FREE Unexpected Winter Color Palettes

Each palette uses four HEX code color swatches, which can be easily used for web designs or converted to CMYK swatches for print projects. Give stationery, packaging, illustrations, or social posts a neon update this season with these versatile and stylish color schemes. 

Scroll down to discover the neon holiday palette of your dreams—ethereal metallic neons, surprisingly seasonal-appropriate coral, and much more. When you’ve found your favorite neon palette, pin your chosen image to a Pinterest board or save to your computer to refer to later.

10 FREE Neon Holiday Palettes

Below, discover ten FREE neon holiday palettes, complete with HEX code values, that can be used for a wide range of seasonal design projects.

1. Cold Season Coral

If you thought coral was only appropriate for giving designs a tropical feel during the summer months, think again! This palette is inspired by the warm glow of sunlight on snow-strewn slopes, with neon coral balanced by apricot, neon blue, and cool sky blue. 

Neon Coral/Blue
Images via Kolpakova Daria, Paopano, and colnihko.

This subtle neon palette contrasts both warm and cool tones, giving it a calm, soothing mood that would work well for greetings cards, branding, or posters. 

Neon Color Palettes
Image via Geobor.

2. December Glade

Ethereal and mysterious, this pink-and-purple palette is inspired by a still, snowy night in a forest glade.

Purple Color Palette
Images via REN Photography, Dzhulbee, and nevodka.

Pepto pink pairs with inky midnight blue and rich grape purple, and mink gray brings a light aspect to this otherwise deep and moody palette.

Pink Color Palette
Image via Kseniya Ivashkevich.

3. Neon Kitsch

If you ever dreamed of spending a retro-tinted Christmas Day in 1981, this palette should help meet your nostalgia cravings. Kitsch and kooky, this all-neon scheme combines ultra-bright acid hues for the ultimate celebration.

Party Color Palettes
Images via Sergey Bezgodov, LiuSol, and Igor Bukhlin.

Whether you’re planning an office party or looking for a super fun décor scheme, this cheerful retro palette is as brash and joyful as a sequin party dress or a kitsch Christmas tree.

Party Color Palettes
Image via AirCam.PRO.

4. Violet Glow

A graduating neon palette that offers a range of purple hues, including neon violet and dusky lavender. This seductive scheme is a natural fit for events marketing and seasonal invitations. 

Purple Color Palettes
Images via Zamurovic Brothers, Kseniya Ivashkevich, and schankz.

Team this trio of rich purple hues with deep black on typography for the ultimate sophisticated holiday palette. 

Neon Purple Color Palette
Image via L. Julia.

5. Gift Tag

Inspired by the subtly multicolored tones of iridescent wrapping paper, this silver-centric palette glitters and glows, bringing a delicate, airy mood to a range of designs. 

Silver Color Palettes
Images via narcoz52, Nataliia Kozynska, and Fismar.

Try this dainty neon pastel palette on family-friendly designs or use it in place of pure metallics to add more color and interest. You can use the silver HEX code as a non-metallic swatch, or replace with metallic silver on print designs for additional texture and gleam.

Psst: Try Pantone 20-0002 TPM Ice Palace as a metallic spot color swatch for print designs.

Silver Color Palettes
Image via YRABOTA.

6. House Party

Conjure up a party atmosphere on events marketing and social media with this edgy neon scheme. Neon pink and neon turquoise combine with hot coral-red and dark navy blue for a fusion of hot and cold hues.

Coral Color Palettes
Images via Zamurovic Brothers, Julenochek, and CerberZero.

Reminiscent of a nighttime glow and the dim, dusky lighting of after-dark gatherings, this is a fun and energetic palette for the event-heavy holiday season. 

Coral Color Palettes
Image via AHOOLY.

7. Candied Christmas

Sugar-coated and effortlessly cool, this candy-inspired palette mixes warm neon hues of pink and red with indigo and ice blue.

As with many of the neon palettes featured here, it combines warm and cool tones, as well as bright neons and deep, dark colors, resulting in a scheme that’s more sophisticated and balanced than usual neon palettes. 

Neon Holiday
Images via ABEMOS, Maples Images, and Anna Vershynina.

This palette isn’t strictly seasonal—it would work beautifully for branding and logo designs year-round—but it’s certainly an unusual scheme choice for holiday-themed designs.  

Pink Color Palettes
Image via VladanaS.

8. Acid Gold

This vibrant scheme has more than a hint of the 1980s, combining metallic gold with retro-friendly hues of neon pink, acid yellow, and grass green. 

Gold Color Palettes
Images via Nikita Rublev, Tati Shapovalova, and Anicka S.

Embrace the neon bling by using these brash and beautiful colors on flyers, posters, and holiday décor. You certainly won’t go unnoticed.

Use the gold HEX code for a non-metallic swatch in web designs, or a spot color swatch such as Pantone 871-C for a true metallic gold on print designs.

Gold Color Palettes
Image via Ferruccio Dall’Aglio.

9. Tangerine Teal

This alternative holiday palette uses just a single neon tone, red-orange, and combines it with grounding tones of ink blue, deep teal, and gray for a mature palette that feels wintery and cozy. 

Red/Orange Color Palettes
Image via Yuliya Shauerman, Katya Havok, and Luca Ponti.

This pared-back neon scheme would be versatile enough to use in interiors schemes, or use on packaging designs for a masculine mood—a perfect pairing for ski branding or winter fashion.  

Red/Orange Color Palettes
Image via Katie Grehan.

10. Wrapping Session

Dim the lights, turn on the TV, and pour a glass of mulled wine. It’s time to wrap all the gifts you’ve spent weeks selecting and collecting. This screen-hued palette is inspired by the indulgent time spent solo before the social whirlwind of the peak of the holiday season.  

Red Color Palettes
Images via Aleksey Boyko, Nattika, and Natalia Shebunyaeva.

Neon coral red and purple-pink are combined with neon blue and the palest of grays. This stylish palette can be used across a wide range of designs, but it comes into its own on web backgrounds and banners, which make the most of its light-emitting hues.

Coral/Red Color Palettes
Image via Kira Yan.

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Cover image via Sergey Panychev.

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