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We’ve Partnered with Staples for a New Interactive Design Experience for Small Business Owners

Customers can now design and print professional marketing materials with direct access to Shutterstock images — both in store and online.

Today, any small business owner is expected to wear multiple hats — from product management to business development to finance, to of course, marketing.  And when it comes to promoting a brand and attracting the right audience, the ability to create high quality printed materials is an absolute must.

But without easy access to professional images and the right editing platforms, this can be an enormous challenge — especially as many find themselves with fewer resources as they continue to work from home. So if small business owners want to easily create and share beautiful, eye-catching printed content, where should they begin? 

Empowering small business owners to create printed content that pops — with no design skills required 

We’re excited to announce a new multifaceted partnership with Staples US Retail, offering in store and online access to our expansive image library and intuitive editing tools to help customers seamlessly create printed content that stands out from the pack. 

To design and print materials like business cards, posters, flyers, signs and more, customers will now have access to professional Shutterstock images and dedicated design associates at 1,000+ Staples retail locations. This means they can walk into their favorite Staples store and work directly with experts to create and print business materials on the spot and be out the door quickly.

Customers will also have access to 325+ million Shutterstock images and the Shutterstock Editor — which includes preloaded design templates — at select Staples stores across the country.

This will empower small business owners to easily design and print content without starting from scratch — all with access to Shutterstock images and editing tools at their fingertips.

“We’re thrilled to join forces with Staples US Retail, a key player serving small business owners across the country,” said Chip Schenck, Global VP of Innovation at Shutterstock. “Now, with direct access to Shutterstock images and editing tools, customers can easily find inspiration, customize beautiful content, and manage their creative projects, all in one place.”

Staples customers can now engage with Shutterstock content in the following ways:

Find creative inspiration, develop engaging materials and collaborate with in store experts through new experience-driven Staples stores

Shutterstock will offer customers a dedicated Shutterstock Editor experience in the Print Shop at select Staples stores across the country, including in Los Angeles and Maine. Through an interactive kiosk, customers will be able to easily design and create high-impact marketing materials including flyers, business cards, posters, signs and more using professional design templates, Shutterstock’s editing tools, as well as Shutterstock’s library of 325M+ high-quality images. 

Customers will also have the option to consult with dedicated in-store associates for immediate, personalized design services at their favorite Staples location.

“At Staples, we believe that successful small businesses build stronger communities, and this new design experience will bring their print and marketing materials to the next level,” said Craig Grayson, Vice President/GMM, Staples US Retail. “Shutterstock is a household name in the world of design, and we’re so excited to be able to help our small business customers elevate every print project by giving them access to millions of high-quality images on the spot.”

Access eye-catching Shutterstock images online to take designs to the next level 

Customers can also now take advantage of an online experience and create eye-catching marketing materials without ever leaving home. Through Staples US Retail Online, they’ll be able to access millions of Shutterstock images to build and customize banners, invitations, yard signs, business cards and more, with the option to print materials at a local Staples US Retail location.

Plus, catch Shutterstock murals in LA and Maine!

The newly reimagined Staples Connect locations in Los Angeles, California and Auburn, Maine will also feature large-scale, multi-media murals of images taken by Shutterstock artists Hesh Hipp and Sean Pavone as part of an expanded Print Shop experience.

These murals, which showcase iconic shots of LA and Maine, span 6 feet tall and over 13 feet wide and can be seen at almost every point in each store.

To see the Shutterstock and Staples partnership in action, visit

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