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FREE Scandinavian Christmas Clip Art Pack – Download Now

FREE Scandinavian Christmas Clip Art Pack - Download Now

Bring a hygge vibe to your holiday designs with these Scandinavian-inspired illustrations. Your FREE download is waiting . . .

December is just around the corner, which means the Shutterstock Freebies department (a real thing! really!) has gone full-tilt on its seasonal offerings. We’ve celebrated the coziness of winter, marveled at the season’s botanicals, and dreamed up a batch of tech-themed holiday cards.

Now, we’re leaning even further into the festive spirit with this FREE Scandinavian Christmas Clip Art Pack.

The chic collection is perfect for creating clean, modern holiday designs, whether for print or digital, business or personal use.

Scroll down to find out more about the pack, and discover tips for incorporating them into your seasonal creations.

For traditional Christmas clip art, check out this pack from last year

Inside the FREE Scandinavian Christmas Clip Art Pack

Scandinavian Christmas Preview
Your FREE Scandinavian Christmas Clip Art Pack.

This clip art pack consists of thirty-five Christmas clip arts illustrated in a unique Scandinavian style.

The illustrations use a bold, three-color palette of blue, red, and white, sure to make any design pop. The clip arts come in high-quality .png files that can be sized down and up to A3 paper size, with a transparent background—of course—so they can easily be used anywhere in your design.

Below is the list of the clip arts included in this pack:

NutcrackerChristmas treeReindeerBirdStarHeartChristmas ornamentsSnowflakesFlowersLeavesWreathBordersSparkle

Almost every illustration also comes in two colors—blue and red—which you can use interchangeably to balance out your design. The only illustration that doesn’t come in two colors is the nutcracker, since it already features a balanced mix of blues and reds.

Scandinavian Christmas Clip Arts
The illustrations come in two colors: blue and red.

Deeper Look Inside the Pack

Scandinavian Christmas Clip Arts
Reindeer, nutcracker, and Christmas tree.
Scandinavian Christmas Clip Arts
Star, bird, and heart.
Scandinavian Christmas Clip Arts
Scandinavian Christmas Clip Arts
Additional decorating elements: flowers, leaves, snowflakes, borders, wreath, and sparkle.

Downloading Your FREE Scandinavian Christmas Clip Art Pack

To add this FREE pack to your computer, just click on the red download button below. Wait for the download process to finish, then simply double-click the compressed ZIP file to un-package its contents and access all the files.

Download the FREE Scandinavian Christmas Clip Art Pack

*By downloading this FREE Scandinavian Christmas Clip Art Pack, you agree not to resell or redistribute these assets.

Get Inspired: Creative Ways to Use the Christmas Clip Arts

dvent Calendar

Christmas Advent Calendar
Design an advent calendar to anticipate the arrival of Christmas day.

Holiday Music Playlist Cover

Scandinavian Christmas Playlist
Create a playlist of your favorite holiday songs. Mockup via Customdesigner.

Cookie Jar Tag

Scandinavian Christmas Cookie Jar
Bake a batch of your signature Christmas cookies and share them with your loved ones. Image via Milleflore Images.

Tips for Making a Scandinavian-Style Design

Decide the General Layout

Before you start designing, decide the layout you want for your design. Do you want to use the Christmas clip arts as a patterned background? A border? An accent? To form a shape?

Decide the Layout
Different kinds of layouts that you can choose.

Make It Symmetrical

Scandinavian design usually incorporates symmetry. To design your clip arts into a symmetrical layout, decorate half of your canvas, duplicate everything, flip those duplicates horizontally, and then place them on the other half of your canvas. You can also do the same thing with a quarter of your canvas.

Symmetrical Layout
Making a symmetrical design doesn’t only look good, it saves time, too!

Coordinate the Color

Each illustration inside the pack comes in two color options, red and blue. This means that you can choose between the two colors every time you place the clip arts. So, you can make your design in uniform color, or mix the colors up.

Scandinavian Christmas Colors
You can use the blue version and the red version of the clip arts interchangeably.

You can also change the color of the clip arts if you want to make a design with a different color palette.

Keep It Simple

Last but not least, keep it simple! You could use just oneclip art as the main element, and your design would still look good.

Reindeer Clip Art
When in doubt, just go simple.

Season’s greetings!

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