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Create Eye-Catching Video Content with Direct Access to Shutterstock Images and Video Clips — Right from Inside AIVO

IVO by Pantheon Lab, an intuitive video creation tool, now offers direct access to Shutterstock images and videos to help take content projects to the next level.

Grabbing attention online is no easy task. With a crowded internet and everyone from brands to influencers to family members competing for time, it can be a challenge for marketers to rise above the pack and engage potential customers with interesting and relevant stories. Thankfully, this is where video marketing comes into play.

As marketers rely on visual stories — especially short and long form videos — to grab attention and stand out, access to the right images and video clips is critical to creating eye-catching campaigns that make people stop and watch.

Image credit: GaudiLab

You can now access thumb-stopping Shutterstock images and videos — right from inside AIVO

To empower marketers to easily build attention-grabbing video content, we’re excited to announce an integration with AIVO by Pantheon Lab, an intuitive video creation tool. This partnership offers AIVO users direct access to Shutterstock’s high quality images and videos to help quickly create video content that pops. 

Today, AIVO is designed to let users — including content providers, advertisers, video marketers, publishers and social influencers, who may have little to no video editing or video making experience — seamlessly create engaging videos. AIVO aims to automate the tedious steps of producing videos and make content creation workflows  more efficient — all with the help of artificial intelligence.

n API-powered integration that speeds up video creation for marketers and content producers

The AIVO team were determined to provide their users with a large scale media library integrated directly into their platform. The solution? Shutterstock.

Their integration, powered by our API, now solves a pain point for AIVO users who were in need of direct access to a wider breadth of high quality content to help create beautiful videos to share across social media and the web. 

“Shutterstock continuously enhances its API offering, which is aligned with’s aim to automate and simplify the video making process,” said Ivan Lau, CEO at Pantheon Lab.

Access Shutterstock images and video right from inside the AIVO platform

With the integration now in place, AIVO users can benefit from the integration in two major ways:

Flexible content search

With a simple search, users can now simply preview and use Shutterstock images and videos directly from the AIVO platform. They can also get suggested content from Shutterstock by simply providing a search term.  

Tailored content to help users find the most relevant visuals

The Shutterstock API integration also helps AIVO users tailor their content by finding relevant visuals in a much easier and convenient way. They no longer need to filter different visuals and media through different platforms by keyword searching.  

To access the Shutterstock integration, check out the media tab when you visit

Featured image by GaudiLab

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