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Data-Backed Ways to Add Orange to Your Next Campaign

Data-Backed Ways to Add Orange to Your Next Campaign

Orange is bursting with energy. It grabs your attention. But, what’s the most effective way to use it in your next ad campaign?

Orange can represent a few things: new adventure, spirituality, crisp seasonal transitions. Its neon hues can even communicate safety—think construction barrels or hunting vests. 

But, not all oranges perform equally in ad campaigns. By studying over eleven years of image data, Shutterstock.AI determined how orange affects image clickiness among various audiences. 

So, how should you inject a splash of orange into your creative campaigns?

Antelope Canyon
Image via Andrea Izzotti.

The Most Clickable Shades Are Muted

Specific shades garner more attention than others. While, traditionally speaking, neons tend to be some of the most attention-grabbing colors, AI tells us that subdued shades make for the most clickable types of orange. 

Specifically, burnt orange takes the top spot as the most clickable in this color family. This is followed by cayenne, which is an even deeper, darker shade. 

Sicilian Oranges

Macaw Bird Feathers

Orange Calla Lillies

Interior Design
Deep and juicy, or caramely-delicious, subtle oranges are driving clicks right now. Images via Wabi.sabi, Nuwat Phansuwan, Kelly Jeffries, and Ume illustration.

While oranges only make up a mere 12% of today’s most clickable colors, we still see some variety in which shades are on-trend. Beyond rusty and deep hues, consumers are embracing light and refreshing ones.

In fact, Calming Coral has been named one of the top colors for the year ahead in Shutterstock’s 2022 Color Trends Report. 

Spanish Building Fascade

Dog with Peach Background

Coral Living Room

3D Interior Design
The most effective shades of orange won’t scream. They’ll whisper. Images via Kseniia Zagrebaeva, Yuttana Jaowattana, ImageFlow, and Ume illustration.

dd a Splash of Orange to Your Plate

There are tons of tasty orange foods, from cheese puffs to more natural options. Data tells us that some of these snacks and dishes are trending in clickability compared to their performance over the past few years. Let’s take a look at these sweet and savory trends. 

When it comes to sweets, AI indicates that orange treats from nature have trended up in recent months. For example, the click-through rate (CTR) of imagery featuring citrus has risen 83% since 2019.

Within the citrus family, oranges and grapefruits both have risen in engagement, with the former being 38% more clickable than the latter. In fact, oranges specifically have seen their CTR rise 108% over the last two years. 

Orange Tree

Mimosa Cocktails

Citrus Fruit

Boy Drinking Orange Juice

Speaking of citrus . . . orange juice has seen its CTR rise 124% since 2019. Images via Guschenkova, Victor Moussa, Sarah Ehlen, Joshua Resnick, and Alexxandra Engel.

Honey has also seen a sweet boost recently. Its clickability has risen 60% since last year. Over the same time period, the CTR of peaches has also risen 50%.


Peaches in Yogurt

Honey Jars

Bees on Honeycomb
Some of nature’s sweetest treats are orange and on-trend. Images via beton studio, Y. A. Photo, id-art, and Diyana Dimitrova.

Beyond sweets, a couple of other orange food favorites are trending today. In fact, the two most clickable savory dishes follow 2022’s health-conscious dining direction.

Squash is one of these trends. It has a 76% higher CTR now than it did two years ago. Shrimp has also been having a big moment for a while, with its CTR having risen 584% over the past two years. 

Butternut Squash

Roasted Squash

Cooking Shrimp

Country Boil Feast

Here are some healthy orange alternatives to the delicious cheese puffs we know and love. Images via Anna Shepulova, KarenAnneLove, KarepaStock, P Kyriakos, and VasiliyBudarin.

Orange Animals Are Quite Clickable

Some animals are orange to attract mates. Some are orange so they can camouflage. Whatever the biological explanation, nature’s brightest animals have seen an uptick in clickability recently. While not all orange animals are clickable right now (sorry, goldfish), here’s a look at which ones are trending.

The orange animal holding the top most-clickable spot is the tiger. Since 2019, imagery of tigers has seen a CTR surge of 2,344%. (Thanks, Tiger King?)

Following these big cats come foxes, with a clickability boost of 345% over the same time period. Even orangutans have seen their image clickability on the rise—with a 63% lift since this time last year. 

Red Fox

Baby Orangutan

Tiger Cub

Prefer to feature an orange house cat? Go for it! The CTR of cats has risen 20% over the last two years. Images via Ondrej Prosicky, Alex East, Eric Gevaert, and apiguide.

Opt for Orange Outdoor Settings

It’s one of the big themes that artificial intelligence has observed since the start of the pandemic. Across almost every industry, outdoor settings are more clickable than indoor ones. While there are a few exceptions to this standard—such as for the CPG industry—the data advises that nearly all advertisers opt for outdoor photography. 

This works out quite well for the color orange, as many beautiful rural settings happen to feature the shade. When it comes to autumnal scenes, AI has noted that leaves have seen their CTR rise 283% over the last two years.

Photos that feature the sun have seen their CTR increase 79% during the same time period. Deserts have also had their CTR lift 83%. 

Canyon Sunrise

Camel Caravan

Mountain Sunset

Canisbay Lake

Man Surfing
Energetic orange outdoor shots are trending up right now. Images via Dean Fikar, David Varga, Rachasie, James William Smith, and Alejandro Ramoshots.

If you’d prefer to set your ads in the city, you can still find ways to take advantage of orange’s influence. Bricks have been rising in engagement, and their CTR has gone up 117% over the last two years.

Additionally, basketball courts could be your best setting. The CTR of images containing an orange basketball has risen 52% throughout this year. 

Brooklyn Bridge


French Quarter Houses
Whether you’re depicting an urban or rural setting, there are ways to pack performance-driving orange into your photography. Images via M. Shcherbyna, Dmytro Zinkevych, and Kathleen K. Parker.

Cover image via id-art.

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