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The Most Clickable Super Bowl Foods to Feature in Ads, According to AI

The Most Clickable Super Bowl Foods to Feature in Ads, According to AI

Creating a hit Super Bowl commercial is a sport unto itself—and data is here to help you win the big game.

A time slot during Super Bowl Sunday is the gold standard for advertisers. These ultra-expensive, high-profile TV ads always give the audience of approximately 100 million people something to laugh at, gripe over, or discuss with coworkers the next day. 

Although the ad world’s attention may be focused on TV ads that night, marketers still have huge opportunities to advertise on social platforms, too. Audiences won’t be glued to just the TV, after all. Many of us won’t be able to look away from Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook as we collectively celebrate or complain about what’s happening on our LCD screens. 

So, what creative advantages can your brand leverage on social media during advertising’s biggest night? 

Artificial intelligence has studied the data across the last few Super Bowl seasons to determine what content will be the most clickable in 2022.

In particular, it studied what foods will attract attention and enhance engagement rates. After all, snacks are an integral part of any game day! 

Friends at a Super Bowl party eating snacks and drinking spritz cocktails
Image via Robby Fontanesi.

How should you build out your campaign’s menu? Shutterstock.AI has the answers. 

Sandwiches Defeat Wings

Undoubtedly, wings are usually the star of the show. In fact, Americans eat over one billion chicken wings on each Super Bowl Sunday. Despite the popularity of wings at the party buffet, their clickability in ads has decreased 61% over the last two Super Bowl seasons.

So what foods are trending up instead? Data indicates that sandwiches will be big this year. They’ve outperformed other main dishes since Super Bowl 2020. Currently, sandwiches are 67% more clickable than burgers and 167% more clickable than subs.

To top off your sandwiches, AI suggests you include mayonnaise. It’s consistently the most clickable condiment of the Super Bowl season . . . and it’s trending up today. 

Close-up of a sandwich with roast beef in wooden box

Close-up of egg salad sandwiches with mayonnaise on a white plate

Classic BLT sandwich made with ham, turkey, bacon, cheese, onions, lettuce, tomato, and mayo

Fresh sandwich with guacamole, tomatoes, arugula, and bacon with toothpick sticking out of the top
Whether your sandwiches are made of lunch meat or chicken salad, AI says they’re the winners. Images via Anna_Pustynnikova, Juriah Mosin, Marie Sonmez Photography, and Lenakov.

Just behind sandwiches come tacos and hot dogs. Both of these food favorites are nearly tied in clickability. In fact, hot dogs are a mere 4% more clickable than tacos today.

Still, both dishes are super engaging for audiences during the big game, so including either in ads will enhance engagement. 

Fresh fish tacos with lettuce, tomato, onion, avocado, garnished with slices of lime and lots of cilantro

High angle view of fresh taco ingredients including limes, sour cream, guac, corn tortillas, cheese, and a plate of prepared tacos set on a wooden table

Three homemade Detroit-style chili dogs slathered in mustard and onions on a cutting board

Four gourmet grilled hot dogs with peppers and onions

Five BBQ hot dogs with spicy ingredients including various peppers and relish on a wooden table with chips as a side dish
Which is your favorite? AI says hot dogs are slightly more clickable than tacos. Images via Martha Graham, Shestock / Blend Images on Offset, Brent Hofacker, Brent Hofacker, and JeniFoto.

Select Scrumptious Super Bowl Sides

Now that you have some ideas on how to curate your campaign’s main menu, let’s take a look at what side items are projected to trend upward. In terms of standard Super Bowl sides, here’s a lay of the land:

Fries are 47% more clickable than chips, and they usually are during football season. While fries dropped in clickability throughout 2020 and some of 2021, they’ve made their way back to the top of the side dish list. Crackers have had a 21% CTR (click-through rate) increase since 2020. Dip has also seen its CTR rise 91% since last year. 
French fries and potato fries spinkled with jalapeños, chives, and bacon bits with various dipping sauces

A woman filming herself taking a French fry from her plate at a restaurant

Garlic and dill cream cheese dip on a plate surrounded by crackers

Flat-lay of charcuterie and cheese board, rose wine, nuts, olives, and people's hands holding wine glasses and celebrating over concrete table background
Charcuterie has become quite popular. You can include it in your photography for clickability points. Images via Marie Sonmez Photography, THE YOOTH, Nataliya Arzamasova, and Foxys Forest Manufacture.

Another, perhaps more substantial side dish, that’s trending upward is nachos. Nachos have seen their CTR rise 79% since last year’s Super Bowl alone, and they’re projected to continue trending upward. 

Traditional queso dip topped with cilantro on a plate surrounded by corn tortilla chips garnished with green peppers

A man picking up a chip from his bowl of street nachos

A mixed bowl of beans, tomatoes, chopped spicy peppers, corn, and a lime surrounded by chips - also known as Texas Caviar

A mess of spicy chicken nachos and fresh herbs drizzled with sour cream and served in a rustic skillet
Hold the guac! Avocados have seen their CTR drop 42% over the last two football seasons. Images via Brent Hofacker, Josep Suria, Ruslan Mitin, and Ale_Koziura.

Cupcakes and Cookies Are Clickable

While there are dozens of fan favorite desserts out there, one sweet treat beats them all during the big game. For the 2022 Super Bowl, AI says cupcakes will be the most clickable dessert. Their CTR has risen 844% since the most recent Super Bowl—they’re even 110% more clickable than cake. 

Trailing slightly behind cupcakes are cookies. They’re the second-most clickable Super Bowl dessert with a CTR that’s risen year-over-year, totaling up to a 51% clickability boost since 2020’s game.

Red velvet cupcakes with cream butter icing topped with a candy football

Football-themed sugar cookies arranged randomly on a plate

Cookie dough arranged in columns on a baking sheet ready for the oven

Chocolate cupcakes arranged on a cutting board to look like a football with two random cupcakes on the side

Shortbread cookies filled with M&Ms and chocolate chips on a baking sheet fresh out of the oven with a cold glass of milk on the side
How sweet it is to be clicked by you. Images via v2pham, Jen.ishayoga, marla dawn studio, Avery Arrowood, and iuliia_n.

If you want something sweet that’s still on the healthier side, data tells us that fruit is highly clickable right now. Berries have the highest engagement rate of all fruits, and they’ve been trending up all year.

In fact, the CTR of berries is 159% higher than it was one year ago. Beyond berries, grapefruit is having a moment of increased clickability, as well.

Close-up of a farmer holding two handfuls of freshly-picked strawberries

A woman picks a berry from a bowl of raspberries and blueberries in a white bowl placed on a white plate on top of a white table

Party table setting with fresh grapefruit cocktails, empty plates with silverware, and an elegant cheese plate
Pink fruits are especially engaging right now. Images via CRS PHOTO, virtu studio, and Foxys Forest Manufacture.

Cocktails Are the Clickiest Party Drinks

Over the last two Super Bowls, soda and juice were the most clickable drinks. Lately, though, their clickability has declined in favor of something a bit stronger.

Right now, cocktails have the highest CTR of any drink when measured across all industries. The CTR of cocktails has risen 173% since Super Bowl 2020. 

Three glasses of cherry-flavored cocktails garnished with orange slices and a red and white striped eco-friendly straw

Three mason jar glasses of raspberry lemonade garnished with raspberries and lemon rind with a pink and white eco-friendly straw

A man enjoying a glass of red wine while cheering his favorite football team from his laptop as he chops vegetables in his kitchen
Wine is also fine! It’s seen its CTR rise 75% over the last two years. Images via Elena.Katkova, Arina P Habich, and Prostock-studio.

Still, if you’re looking to pause on alcohol after the holidays, or perhaps kick off a healthy new year, there are options for your ads. A good, old-fashioned glass of water is the second-most clickable drink today. It never goes out of style.

Additionally, although we’ve seen cocktails surge in clickability, juice has still held a high click-through rate over the last two Super Bowl seasons. 

Glass of water sitting alone on a wooden table with a pretty light bokeh background

Father and daughter eating sandwiches and drinking orange juice on the couch

Husband and pregnant wife seated on the couch enjoying a box of pizza each - looking at each other with funny expressions while drinking orange juice
Pizza didn’t make the most-clickable food list, but you can include it with the right drinks or side dishes for a stronger CTR. Pizza and orange juice—umm—no. Images via ampcool, Prostock-studio, and AVstock team.

Cover image via Brent Hofacker.

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