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Inspiring Holiday Gift Ideas from the World’s Leading Print-On-Demand Platforms

For the holiday season, we asked our print-on-demand partners to share a few gift ideas inspired by products that feature Shutterstock images. Take a look and happy gifting!

The holidays are just around the corner, and that means gifts. At Shutterstock, our love for images and visuals knows no bounds, which is why we’ve put together a list of the most creative photo-inspired gifts you can buy from some of our print-on-demand partners around the world.

These innovative companies all offer direct access to eye-catching Shutterstock images right from inside their platforms. Powered by our API, this means that their customers can quickly find gift-worthy products — including jigsaw puzzles, mugs, t-shirts, canvas prints, posters, kitchen backsplashes and more — that appeal to anyone this holiday season. 

We asked our partners to share a few gift ideas, many inspired by products you can buy featuring Shutterstock images. Note, these companies span across different global regions, so there may be shipping restrictions. Take a look:  

Curated jigsaw puzzles with PuzzleYOU

With PuzzleYOU, a Germany-based leader in custom puzzles, customers can quickly find the perfect jigsaw puzzle ranging from 48 to 2,000 pieces. The best part? Within the PuzzleYOU platform, it’s easy to quickly find puzzles that feature one of 25,000 Shutterstock images ranging from imaginative designs to timeless classics.

With the breadth of images and varying levels of puzzles to create, there really is something for everyone. “A jigsaw puzzle is the ideal holiday present,” said the PuzzleYOU team. “Solving jigsaw puzzles together is a great way to spend time with loved ones.”

Giftable custom products with help from a designer at Zazzle 

Zazzle, one of the world’s leading design platforms, offers a range of products that are easy to customize using Shutterstock images. Products that are great for holidays range from custom photo wrapping, personalized holiday cards, family t-shirts, ornaments, mugs, yoga mats, notebooks and more. 

Plus, customers have the ability to transfer any Shutterstock image to thousands of products using their intuitive transfer tool shown on every product page. See below:

With gift giving season upon us, they’ve also launched a new service called Zazzle LIVE, which matches customers directly with a designer to help customize the perfect gift, assist with templated products, or browse for more designs. 

To learn more about creating holiday gifts with Zazzle and Shutterstock, visit:

Wall art that pops with Art Print Shop

Art Print Shop, an international online seller of curated wall art, offers an integration with Shutterstock’s content library that gives customers a wide range of beautiful, curated designs and images right from within their platform.

With so many potential gifts to find on Art Print Shop, one idea for the holiday season is this beautiful canvas trio that brings to life a bold bottle green marble design:

A piece like this adds a striking centerpiece to any wall space and makes an ideal gift for anyone wanting to give their home decor a boost. 

Today, Art Print Shop customers can also bring their walls to life with expanded access to 1,000+ eye-catching Shutterstock images and designs from curated collections – all without ever leaving the platform. To check out the Shutterstock collection go here. 

Take your kitchen to the next level with Premier Range

Decorating a home with beautiful art can go far beyond filling empty walls. Take for example Premier Range, the UK’s leading provider of custom kitchen backsplashes. With Premier Range, customers can create and customize beautiful and unique backsplashes, chopping boards, radiator covers and more — all with direct access to Shutterstock images. 

Need some inspiration on where to start this holiday season? Table Tops is one of Premier Range’s newest products, which supports almost all table layouts including rounds, squares, and rectangles. 

Each piece is cut bespoke with all edges polished then toughened in 6mm heat resistant glass.  Customers can easily select images and quickly edit on the website to fit the right size glass. Each image is then printed in high resolution by the team’s experienced print technicians to a perfect finish.  

Bring your walls to life with Great Big Canvas

Any gift that brightens up a home is bound to be a hit. Great Big Canvas, offering high-quality canvas prints, framed art prints, poster prints and more, lets customers pick and choose images from the Shutterstock Collection to print on various canvas styles and sizes. 

And because canvas prints are available in multiple sizes and framing options, it’s easy to find and customize a canvas print for anyone special. 

Need help deciding which image would make the perfect gift? Fine art photography, colorful floral photography prints, natural and man-made landmarks, beaches and coastlines or an animal print like this atmospheric print of a Red Deer are all great places to start. 

Not your average t-shirt with specializes in graphic t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies for men, women and kids of all ages — which makes the perfect holiday gift. And thanks to an integration with Shutterstock, you can custom design any piece of clothing with direct access to 350 million images and designs right from within the platform. 

To make it even more custom, you can also easily edit images (crop, filter, add a border and more) to make the design exactly to your liking. Simply select the product you’re interested in, find an image, edit within the Editor experience, and purchase.

To get started, check out the “Custom Product” section of their website. From there, you can go in, search and upload any Shutterstock image to the product you’re designing this holiday season. 

To learn more, visit:

Elevate your home with has the world’s largest selection of handpicked art images to help customers find and create beautiful pieces to elevate their homes. For one gift idea, customers can use their Frame My Photos feature (starting at just $49 this season), which helps customers frame personal photos or images from their extensive selection of Shutterstock images. 

From the Shutterstock Collection, customers can choose from images ranging from nature to travel to animals to landscapes to abstract designs and more. They can also select any image in a range of sizes and finishes, plus choose from 200+ handcrafted frames — making it easy to customize a gift for the holidays.

Get creative with cork prints and Art&Effect

Art&Effect, a Germany-based print-on-demand company, helps customers bring art to life on a different format: cork. 

Cork is a great option for a holiday present for a few reasons — it’s an environmentally friendly gift, offers a unique and individual aesthetic, and is antiallergic and odorless — which are all ideal for the home. 

Integrated directly with Shutterstock, customers can choose from over 200 images in the Shutterstock collection to buy specialized cork-based wall art, all directly from the Art&Effect platform. 

Beyond cork, customers can also choose and design Shutterstock images on other formats like ArtBond, acrylic glass, GalleryArt, poster and eco canvas, and use the integrated Shutterstock Editor to edit images.

T-Shirts, mugs and more with Printcious 

Printcious, a leading DIY gift printing platform based in Malaysia, offers consumers and enterprise customers direct access to Shutterstock’s world-class images to create beautifully personalized gifts right from within the Printcious experience — including T-shirts, Canvas prints, Mugs, Cushions and Tote bags. 

To make it even easier, customers can quickly find inspiration and access the perfect images for their products by browsing collections that are curated by themes and occasions. 

Special holiday treat Printcious customers can get 70% of all products created with Shutterstock images. Learn more here. 

To learn more about how your print-on-demand team can offer customers direct access to high-quality Shutterstock images visit:

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