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5 Videography Classes to Boost Your Skills in 2022

5 Videography Classes to Boost Your Skills in 2022

Do you dream of becoming a filmmaker . . . or an even better one? Here’s a list of the five best resources in 2022.

It’s that time of year when people start thinking about goals to achieve after January 1. There are several popular, personal 2022 resolutions—such as prioritizing mental health and eating a plant-based diet. Beyond that, many of us are thinking about how to enhance our skills or pivot our careers.

If you’re a videographer—or if you want to become one in the new year—we have tips for you.

We’ve compiled a list of the top five educational courses where you can boost your filmmaking and editing skills. Whether you’ve dreamed of getting started, or you’re a pro who’s looking to learn from the best, this list is full of videography classes, tutorials, and resources for every level. 

Female director of photography with a professional video camera on a movie set
You can become a filmmaker—or an even better one—in 2022. Images via Grusho Anna.

1. Best Educational Resource: Shutterstock Academy

Our very own education destination—Shutterstock Academy—truly has it all. We created a digital academy that’s made for creators, from creators.

While we’re focusing specifically on videography and editing within this blog post, Shutterstock Academy offers curated educational content for graphic designers and photographers, as well.

Here you can learn the nuances of top editing software, get tips for creative direction, learn how to produce audio, direct talent, and more. 

Now, back to those videography classes. Starting with the basics, Shutterstock Academy offers visitors introductory materials, including the fundamentals of shooting, transferring footage, and post-production. If you’ve been a videographer for a while though, you can find more intensive content, focused on subject matters like: 

Editing, Gear, Documentary Filmmaking: Bring your story to life with a massive database of filmmaking fundamentals, cinematography theory, and technical gear deep-dives. Think of it as film school at your fingertips.Audio & Sound: Solid audio is vital to a video’s success. Learn the best practices for capturing audio in the studio and in the field, and get tips for using recording gear, software, and plugins to ensure audio perfection in post. Video & Post-Production: Supercharge your post-production workflow with hundreds of hours of tutorials designed to help you master the industry’s go-to NLEs—Premiere Pro, After Effects, Final Cut Pro X, and DaVinci Resolve.

Visiting the Shutterstock Academy homepage is a smart way to get started and see an overview of all the resources available to you, for free.

A man at his computer editing a film

An independent filmmaker shooting footage at a beach at sunset

A male YouTuber makes notes on paper while editing on his laptop

Woman flying a white drone in a parking lot at night

A male videographer setting up a shot on set while wearing a mask
No better time like the present to start (or continue) your filmmaking career at Shutterstock Academy. Images via Frame Stock Footage, Arnav Pratap Singh, Sutipond Somnam, skyNext, and AS photostudio.

2. Best Insights from Filmmaking Professionals: 

The mission of is to create tactical, actionable articles that teach valuable videography skills. In-depth interviews of creators in the filmmaking industry take readers into their realistic, sometimes messy, and always interesting working worlds.

When reading, videographers will enjoy interesting stories from the field, paired with insights into post-production, workflow organization, marketing your work, and more.

They’ve even snagged interviews with big names, such as editors for films like The Lord of the Rings and documentaries like the hit The Beatles: Get Back.

Scuba diver holding a video camera filmming a beautiful coral reef

A tourist takes a picture of a sheep standing on a road in the Faroe Islands, Denmark

Actor Pierce Brosnan on film set shooting
These professionals that have found themselves in some of filmmaking’s most interesting shoots. Images via Rich Carey, Nowaczyk, and ArtvarkFilm.

3. Best for Gear Reviews: Pro Movie Maker

Choosing the best filmmaking equipment for your projects is critical. With the reviews from Pro Movie Maker, videographers can get in-depth and honest looks at what gear they should invest in.

They take serious looks at the latest and greatest cameras, Pro Movie Maker’s reviews span the gamut of videography needs. 

Lenses, lighting, storage, software, and more, this is the destination for anyone looking to make a purchase. You can read how to build out your initial gear collection, and see what the pros are saying about new products and releases. 

City view through the lens of a camera

Photo gear including camera, lenses, memory cards, and drone

Woman holding a boom mic on a movie set

Woman photographer on a photo shoot with a lighting umbrella behind her
Prior to spending exorbitant amount of money on filmmaking equipment, make sure to read the reviews. Images via Konontsev Artem, Aleksandr Ivasenko, Kzenon, and

4. Best for Inspiration: Indie Tips

Whether you’ve been working in the industry for years, just dipping your toes into the water, or are somewhere in the middle, every filmmaker turns to others for creative motivation.

Indie Tips encourages videographers to think creatively, by sharing their wisdom on writing, cinematography, and field tutorials.

Newcomers can learn the basics of filmmaking, with blog posts covering everything from technical studio set ups, talent directing tips, and storytelling insights.

Writers interested in tailoring their craft for the screen can even get started with beginner blog posts that cover screenwriting, character development, and progressing plots. 

Female vlogger filmming herself for a tutorial

An animator artist draws in pencil a storyboard for a cartoon

Portrait of male student in eyewear learning online course in coffee shop holding notepad and using a laptop

Silhouette of videographer filming with a gimbal at sunset
Creative inspiration is just a click away with these videography classes. Images via fizkes, Tutatamafilm, GaudiLab, and Alessandro Mancuso C.

5. Best Resource for the Seasoned Pro: NewsShooter

Perhaps you’re not looking to pivot your career or begin a new one. Perhaps you want to continue your path as a professional videographer.

If you have several years of filmmaking experience under your belt, we suggest NewsShooter as your go-to guide. It serves as a resource for working professionals in the TV and film industries.

This means that they’re frequently publishing up-to-the-moment reviews of everything—cameras, lenses, lighting, audio equipment, and accessories. 

Modern recording studio setup with man editing on his laptop

Flat-lay composition with camera and video production equipment on white background

Collection of vintage film and digital cameras on a blue-tinted background

Music producer editing at his studio
If you’re leveled all-the-way-up, NewsShooter is for you. Images via Gorodenkoff, New Africa, Sergey Tinyakov, and PrinceOfLove.

Bonus: Explore Design and Photography Classes

Are you looking to grow your career in other areas? Want to build your skill set beyond videography classes? Shutterstock Academy’s content covers graphic design, photography, audio production, and more.

Elevate your personal and professional projects with hours of tutorials, tons of practical tips, and hundreds of free creative assets.

Get started at Shutterstock Academy.

Cover image via Rich Carey.

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