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Share Your Colors: The Photographer Who Loves Horses

Share Your Colors: The Photographer Who Loves Horses

Christy Berry has been around horses her whole life. Now a self-taught photographer, she’s turning that experience into art.

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Christy Berry has loved horses since she was a little girl. “I was the typical horse girl,” she says. “I had riding lessons when I was a kid. I rode English. I jumped. Every chance I could get to spend time with a horse, I did. I just loved them. It’s something you’re born with, I think.”

Now, the Montana-based artist is expressing her affection for the animal through photography. Here, she responds to Shutterstock’s Share Your Colors questionnaire, revealing why she decided to pick up a camera, how she gets out of a creative rut, and what you’ll always find in her go bag.

I first thought of myself as an artistwhen … I drew my first horse in 3rd grade. But, I only recently acknowledged my photography as art. I’ve developed my own style and don’t feel like I’m taking the same pictures as everyone else.

I started taking photos in … 2015. But, I started to really work at learning the art of photography in 2018. I’m self-taught. I use the internet for information. I’ve done a few workshops over the years. And, I take lots and lots of images.

Quarter Horses

American Quarter Horse
Images via Christy Berry.

I photograph horses because … They are such beautiful animals. I have always had a fascination with horses. Since I was a little girl.

When our kids were grown, my husband and I bought a farm and raised Gypsy Vanners. But, we’ve since retired. I do miss it. I don’t miss the work, but I miss the ability to walk out the front door and have my horses there. We travel now. That wasn’t an option with the farm and with horses—you’re tied down with any kind of animal.

Quarter Horses
Image via Christy Berry.

My favorite horse to photograph is … the buckskin. But, you really can’t go wrong with such beautiful animals.

When I’m in a creative rut … I go somewhere different, camera in hand, and see what inspires me. I usually spend three-to-four hours a day working on something photography-oriented, whether it’s post processing, learning, or taking photos.

I’d describe my workflow as … Haha. I am kind of a mess when it comes to workflow.

Horses Grazing

Ranch Horses
Images via Christy Berry.

I started making money off photography … in the last couple years. I’m involved in a group of photographers—we go out together and find a place, like a dude ranch, that needs promoting and offer our services.

My thoughts on the business side of photography … I enjoy it. It beats sitting around doing nothing.

American Quarter Horses
Image via Christy Berry.

In my camera bag, you’ll always find … a Canon 5D Mk IV and 7D Mk II, 70-200 2.8, and 24-70 2.8, spare batteries, and lots of SD cards.

Today, I ride horses … every now and then. I do enjoy riding some, but not for hours and hours on end. On these ranches, they spend days in the saddle, and I just can’t do that. I’m just beyond that age to where it’s fun. I’ll take a short ride.

My advice to aspiring photographers is … get out and shoot!

Cover image via Christy Berry.

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