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Mocktails Get Gorgeous, with Tips from AI

Mocktails Get Gorgeous, with Tips from AI

Dry January is a month-long movement all about moderation. If you’re skipping post-holiday cocktails, these beautiful mocktails are for you!

What’s the most ‘grammable go-to drink for the new year? 

Drinks with low alcohol—or no alcohol—are becoming increasingly trendy. This change in diet can happen at any time, but many people like to participate in “Dry January.” A month of moderation often helps participants experience the many health benefits of drinking less after the festivities of December.

So, are you planning to cut back on the cocktails next month, but still want a delicious and photogenic treat to celebrate the New Year? You’re not alone. 

January calendar set-up with a pen and paper surrounded by orange slices and a mug of hot chocolate with marshmellows
Image via ikrolevetc.

Let’s say “bye-bye” to booze, and “bottoms up” to alcohol-free alternatives, as Shutterstock.AI shows us:

Go-to garnishes: Which will make your mocktail most clickable—fruit, herbs, or umbrellas?All about that base: Should your drinks be juice-based? Soda-based? Or made of good old-fashioned H2O? Colorful, clickable cocktails: Which shades of the rainbow will boost your image’s click-through rate?

Ready to make your mocktails gorgeous? Read on . . .

Stuff Your Glass with Green Herbs

Just as Shutterstock’s 2022 Color Trends report indicates, green is super-clickable right now. Different shades of the grassy hue make up a whopping 30% of today’s top-twenty most-clickable colors. 

Out of all these highly-engaging greens, #40C040 takes the top spot as the color most likely to drive up click-through rates (CTRs). This shade is bright, bold, and highly pigmented.

Popular herbs to accompany drinks—mint, lemongrass, and basil—can all give a pop of pigment and engagement to your imagery. Herbs of more subtle colors—rosemary and thyme—also fit the 2022 green theme.

Grapefruit mocktail in a cute highball glass garnished with slices of grapefruit and rosemary

Top-view of a lemon-based mocktail garnished with lemon slices and basil

Cucumber and basil-based mocktails in mason jars garnished with basil and cucumber

Cranberry mocktail mojita garnished with lime wedges and fresh mint
Shades of pastel mint and evergreen also take today’s top spots. Images via Irina Rostokina, Liliya Kandrashevich, Yulia Grigoryeva, and m.afiqsyahmi.

Just behind greens, shades of pink make up 25% of today’s most clickable colors. Lucky for marketers and mixologists alike, there are tons of ways to include pink in your drinks.

In fact, a huge number of today’s foods with the highest CTRs are pink. 

Grapefruit mojita mocktail garnished with grapefruit slides and fresh mint

Glasses of colorful drinks with sunlit shadows on a bright background

A woman holds a beet smoothie in her hand garnished with a mint sprig
Pink will make a splash in 2022. Images via Nelli Syrotynska, Ja Boba, and Maria MF-Cocinategut.

Solid, Liquid, or Gas: Water Is a Safe Bet

A good old-fashioned glass of water is always in style. Beyond that, it’s actually trending up. Over the last two years, water has seen its CTR rise 39%.

This works well with a simple and hydrating mocktail mix of fruit and water.

Two bottles of lemon cucumber mint-infused water on a light background

Three mason glasses of berry mint water garnished with a fresh sprig of mint

Starfruit, ginger, and pineapple-infused water with mint, pineapple, and mint garnish displayed in a glass on a cutting board

Apple cinnamon water in a mason jar garnished with apple wedges and cinnamon sticks on a wooden table
Amazed and infused: Add fruit to your glass to boost its CTR. Images via Antonina Vlasova, Arina P Habich, Odua Images, and JeniFoto.

Beyond its liquid form, AI has detected that other states of H2O are trending up right now. For example, ice has seen its CTR rise 55% since this time last year.

The stunning mixology element of fog has also seen a boost in engagement rates. Its CTR has risen 85% over the same time period. 

Decanters of various water-based fruit mocktails seething with fog

A glass sits on a wooden patio table with two round ice cubes in it

Fresh orange granita garnished with orange slices and a sprig of mint surrounded by star of anise

An old-fashioned mocktail in a champagne glass garnished with an orange peel and Luxardo cherry
People are clicking on ice, ice, baby. Images via Alexander Bayburov, Dontree_M, al1962, and Peter Karasev Images.

The Best Drink Bases Are . . .

Water is the most-clickable non-alcoholic beverage, but there are a few others that audiences are clicking on right now.

Tea, for example, has seen its CTR increase since last year. While coffee is still 35% more clickable than tea, both are engaging starting points for your mocktails. 

Creamy summer latte over ice with a sprig of mint

Five different herbal teas of various colors

Sweet tea garnished with a sprig of mint and a blue straw
People are clicking on these coffee shop favorites. Images via Rimma Bondarenko, norikko, and Joshua Resnick.

Juice has also seen its CTR on the rise. As of today, it’s 84% more clickable than it was last year. It’s also 21% more clickable than soda.

Despite the decline AI observed in soda’s clickability, it’s seen the CTR of bubbles rise 617% over the last year. Adding a splash of sparkling water or grape juice to your mocktail can give its clickability a much-needed bubbly boost. 

Blackberry-infused soda water garnished with a sprig of mint and blackberries sitting on a wooden patio table

Close-up of blood red orange-infused soda water garnished with orange slices

Two friends smile at the camera while drinking juice from a plastic cup and straw

A nice cold tall glass of sparkling water with a lemon slice on a calming bokeh background
Add some pizazz and get those clicks with bubbles! Images via Alena Haurylik, Roman Nerud, Jacob Lund, and Jari Hindstroem.

Select Sweet and Savory Garnishes

They’ve been trending for a while now, and there’s no end in sight. Berries are the most clickable fruit, and they have been throughout most of 2021.

Strawberries take the top spot, with a CTR that’s risen 332% since 2019. Blueberries are also highly clickable, with a CTR that’s risen 30% since this time last year. 

Fresh strawberry mocktail in a glass filled to the rim with ice garnished with a sprig of mint

Close-up of strawberries, cherries, and mint bathing in a glass of soda water

Delicious lavender and blueberry iced tea with a decanter and two glasses in a garden atmosphere
Berries are the most-clickable fruit of the year . . . still going strong. Images via KristinaSh, Master1305, and Alphonsine Sabine.

If you want your mocktail to pack a tart punch, AI has a few recommendations. Limes are currently the most clickable citrus fruit, with a CTR that’s risen 315% since 2019.

Ginger has seen a surge in engagement, also. As consumers have looked for natural ways to beat stress throughout the pandemic, soothing ginger has seen its CTR rise 600% since this time last year. 

Sparkling cold water with lime and ice on a dark wooden background

Mojito mocktail over ice garnished with a lime wedge and mint

Ginger lemonade on the side of a giant ginger root, lime and lemon wedges, and a tall sprig of rosemary
These drinks also pack a punch of clickable green. Images via Tatyana Malova, Marian Weyo, and Sayuk_I.

There are some savory garnishes that increase click-through rates, too. Since 2020, AI has observed the CTR of cucumbers rise 178%.

For the Bloody Mary fans—or should we say Virgin Mary—data says that the CTR of tomatoes rose 124%, and the CTR of bacon rose 19%, since 2019.

Cucumber water garnished with tons of cucumber slides, a lime wedge, and rosemary

Fresh tomato juice on a wooden table surrounded by roma and cherry tomatoes and basil

Top-view of cucumber water in a mason jar garnished with cucumber slices

Bloody Mary mocktail garnished with basil and a slew of various foods including bacon, pickles, yellow peppers, olives, and shrimp
If you want a snack with your drink, we suggest bacon. For our vegetarians, choose crisp, clickable cucumber. Images via Goskova Tatiana, Oxana Denezhkina, HandmadePictures, and Elena Veselova.

People Click on the Right Presentation

When thinking about cocktail or mocktail presentation, your mind might jump to the thought of a funky glass or a tiny umbrella.

While those bring their own value to a drink presentation, some classic elements are more likely to garner clicks. After all, umbrellas have only seen their CTR rise 20% since December of 2020. 

An array of multi-colored cocktail umbrellas on an orange background

Three fruity summer drinks garnished with fruit and an umbrella on a cool blue background
Mocktail umbrellas—they’re cute, and serve absolutely no other function than that. Images via Ink Drop and Kolpakova Svetlana.

AI says that the most clickable type of cup is the wine glass. Their CTR has risen 58% since 2019. In fact, wine glasses are: 

113% more clickable than coffee cups158% more clickable than champagne flutesAnd 490% more clickable than martini glasses 
Apple cider in a stemless wine glass garnished with apple slices and a sprig of rosemary

Female hand holding a refreshing strawberry mocktail garnished with basil leaves

Two wine glasses filled with water in front of a dinner table nicely dressed and accented with candles

A mason jar filled with soda water garnished with lemon, lime, and mint with recyclable straws on a light blue background
Stemless or otherwise—cheers to a healthy new year! Images via Irina Rostokina, Boontoom Sae-Kor, Jurij Krupiak, and Fascinadora.

Beyond selecting the best glassware, AI also tells us that straws are making a comeback. In fact, their CTR has risen 272% since 2019. This coincides with the rise in popularity of reusable straws, which can make your mocktails not just gorgeous, but environmentally friendly.

Cover image via Goskova Tatiana.

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