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100+ Free Mographs, Elements, and Assets for Video

Free Assets for Video Editing

FREE motion graphics and filmmaking assets. So, what are you waiting for? Download these video offerings today!

We’ve just passed that time of the year again when PremiumBeat, a leading royalty-free music library, hosts its annual FREE week. Five days of free motion graphic and filmmaking assets to elevate your production value and decrease the amount of time you’re editing.

There’s no email signup, no hidden catch, no gotcha. Simply FREE, professionally-made mographs and assets. Let’s have a look at their 2021 offering.

What Is a Mogrt

Before we jump into the list of freebies, as we’re giving away a few mogrts, it might first be best to explain what a mogrt file is. Simply, a mogrt file is a motion graphics template. Its name is derived from [mo]tion [gr]aphics [t]emplate. A mogrt is built in either Adobe After Effects or Premiere Pro, to then use in Premiere Pro for faster and more efficient motion graphics.

What do I mean by this? Well, let’s take transitions for example. If you were to create one in After Effects, there would be a multitude of layers and solids, each of which may have individual keyframes and effects applied. All of which would need to be adjusted individually if you were to change the transition to feature a new look or style.

However, a mogrt can host a range of properties within the template and allow the editor to customize the motion graphics without the need of being motion design-savvy. For example, these templets make dynamic changes to the text, color, and layout with simple adjustable sliders.

Note: These offerings are free to use in any personal or commercial projects. By downloading, you agree not to resell or redistribute these free assets. 

What are you waiting for? Jump in!

Day #1: 45 FREE Hand-Drawn Animated Shapes and Symbols

Want to add some fun characters to your video? In this pack, PremiumBeat teamed up with the fine folks at Film Bodega to bring you 45 FREE Hand-Drawn Animated Shapes and Symbols to use in your next video.

Each animation is pre-keyed and ready to drag-and-drop into Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and most other major editing software.

This hand-drawn pack is excellent for projects that have a rough “go-get-em” feeling, such as a skate video, a rock band music video, or anything that involves feeling rebellious. Due to the fun nature of the animated shapes and symbols, this also works well when placed into a project focused on children.


Day #2: 18 FREE Ice Effects and Snow Overlays

Whether you need some sub-zero ice effects or snowfall for your next holiday video, this pack of 18 FREE Ice Effects and Snow Overlays will give you that authentic winter feel.

In the past, we’ve given away a lot of digitally created elements; however, these overlays and effects were all created practically in the studio. From the snowfall to the growing ice, what you’re seeing is a practical effect. Therefore, you’ll find that these FREE overlays will give your footage that extra special touch, beyond digitally created elements.

If you’re unsure as to how to use overlays, check out the tutorial below:  


Day #3: Easy Transition Mogrt for Premiere Pro

Our first mogrt of the 2021 FREE Week. This Premiere Pro transition template does just about everything you need to create sleek and elegant transitions. Forget about dragging multiple clips and adding effects to get your transitions to work in Premiere Pro. This is the future of editing with custom transitions.

There are thirteen selectable transitions in this pack, customizable with the entire hue range, and they’re at 4K resolution. Being able to change the color of the transition within the mogrt files parameters panel is incredibly efficient. Although there are only thirteen transitions in the pack, the customization options make the possibilities endless.


Day #4: 15 God Ray Overlays

On Day 4, PremiumBeat released over a dozen FREE volumetric light rays in stunning 4K resolution. Have you ever had a nice shot of light pouring in from a window or natural crevices, but due to the constraints of the project (or perhaps technical know-how), you couldn’t capture that source as a ray of light?

If so, we’ve got you covered, as this overlay pack will assist in just that. You can take the volumetric light rays and add them to your footage to create realistic beams of light.

Like the snow and ice elements pack, these were made in the studio, and the blend of natural light and actual dust particles helps sell the effect.


Day #5: Sleek Computer Screen Template for Premiere Pro

This screen generator brings realistic, customizable screen reflections and movements directly into Premiere Pro—no need for After Effects.

In 2021, screen recording might be at its most popular. Whether it’s a tutorial creation, software commercial, or advertising your website. 

However, unless it’s a tutorial, simply recording your website or software is somewhat dull. Especially if you’re trying to create a majestic ad for the site and want to add movement and flare. It’s also impractical to record the screen with an actual camera.

So, use this mogrt for Premiere Pro to do just that. With just one click, transform your flat screen recording into an elegant, moving video clip.


Now, before we round up this post, let’s quickly run over a few of the best FREE assets from the 2020 campaign.

10 FREE Motion Graphics Templates for Premiere Pro (Animated Titles)

Over the past several years, all NLEs on the market have improved their library of built-in templates and animated titles to accommodate the online creator. However, as thankful as you can be to include built-in titles, they still often feel uninspired.

In this FREE Motion Graphics Templates for Premiere Pro (Animated Titles) pack, there are ten FREE title animations, each one vastly different from the next. Like the textured transition pack, these are mogrt files. So, you as the creator can completely alter the template’s parameters inside of the Essential Graphics panel.

While free graphic assets are awesome, they can sometimes feel off-putting because everyone can download them. However, the mogrt format allows you to take these FREE elements and turn them into something wholly unique for your project.


25 FREE Unique Vintage Sound Effects

It could be argued that transitions and overlays only really call to a specific type of content creator. If you’re creating narrative short films, it’s unlikely you’re going to need a grungy call-to-action. However, it is likely that as a narrative filmmaker, you’re going to need sound effects.

I have a hard drive solely dedicated to downloaded sound effects. Even so, with thousands to choose from, I still find I never have enough. Suppose you don’t have a dedicated collection of sound effects. Now is the time to start building one with twenty-five 24-bit 96KHz free sound effects.

5 ambient SFX3 beat loops2 risers10 SFX5 transitions

Incorporate these retro effects into content based on the early days of glitchy technology. Alternatively, you could integrate these SFX into your modern content to evoke the audio artifacts by devices of the past.


Just because PremiumBeat FREE week is an annual event, doesn’t mean the assets from prior years suddenly vanish. All motion graphics, templates, SFX, and more are still available to download. Take a look:ca

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